Five stages out on 15 are live plus official opening and closing ceremony will be broadcast live and the feed goes to 30 different TV-stations around the world. Besides live stages also daily highlights from Saturday and Sunday will be available on All Live.

Marko Kaljuveer, Postimees Grupp general producer: “It is a very big project and with that are we doing kind of history in Estonia. The live broadcast in this level and capacity is something I at least haven’t done before. We will use seven broadcast stations, two satellite stations and one helicopter. Plus 100 people. We have asked our professionals to join us in this project as this for us a big challenge. The cooperation with WRC Promoter is very interesting, they have very clear demands what they want us to do and they haven’t doubted in our ability to produce high quality product.”

WRC All Live schedule:

Friday 12.07

20.45 Shell Helix Rally Estonia opening ceremony

Saturday 13.07

9.00 SS 1 Maaritsa 1

11.40 SS 3 Maaritsa 2

14.00 SS 5 Rüa 1

16.45 SS 7 Rüa 2

Sunday 14.07

14.45 SS 15 Tartu City

Shell Helix Rally Estonia digital magazine is available on the Shell Helix Rally Estonia homepage: https://www.rallyestonia.ee/digiajakiri

The price of the Shell Helix Rally Estonia digital magazine is 6,90 euros.

Rally passes are available at Circle K stations all over Estonia with the price 34 euros. On the stages is the rally pass available with the price 40 euros. Shell Helix Rally Estonia 2019 is run on 12-14 July 2019 in Tartu, Otepää, Elva, Kanepi and Kambja.

It is a round of Estonian and Latvian Championship and FIA European Rally Trophy as well as an Official WRC promotional event.